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First things first, what exactly is a website? Technically, a website is a collection of HTML based pages which can be found on the World Wide Web at a specified domain name. In plain English, with a website you can showcase your professional services, it’s an insight into what you offer, and a means for a visitor to get in touch with you as the website owner.


Should you have a website?

In this modern tech-focussed day and age not having a (good) website puts you and your service on the back-foot from the off. There are many reasons that you should have a website, I’ve compiled a small selection of these below…

        1. Be accessible and live 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. More than 2.4 billion people use the internet every day, spanning across the entire day depending on their timezone. Your website means that your online shop-front is constantly online and accessible no matter where you are in the world.
        2. Your website is your central marketing hub. All of your content can be linked and distributed with the intention of driving traffic to your website. Once a visitor arrives, your website gives them all the information they need, it shows off your glowing testimonials before providing the visitor a way of getting in touch. If you have a great website for your services you can market yourself with great confidence that when people arrive at your website you’ll be receiving enquiries soon after.
        3. Credibility.  A website makes you look much more credible than someone offering an identical service without a website, the more established, trustworthy and professional you look the better the chance you have of landing your next project.
        4. A contact point and business sitemap. Your website lets people get in touch with you very easily, but it also provides links and directions to every page where you have some online presence. For example, your social media channels.


What makes a good website?

We’ve narrowed this down to 4 key core features that every website needs to have:

        1. A showcase of your services. For example, produce a short showreel of the work you produce and publish a new video every 6 months (make sure that you have the rights to use clips shot from your previous jobs – take a read at Amina’s post about this topic: Building your showreel? What you’ll need to know about copyright and ownership. Here’s a couple of examples of an attractive homepage: The Film Famers, Will Warr.
        2. Call to actions. A call to action (or CTA) is a strategically placed section of a website which prompts a visitor to carry out an action. Normally this action would be a button for a visitor to get in touch with you (as an example, take a look at the bottom of this page).
        3. Display testimonials. Would you buy or even inquire about services from a website which you didn’t trust? I neither. Testimonials show that you’re offering a real and reliable service, building up a rapport of trust with all your website visitors is crucial. It’s important to keep testimonials up to date, we’d recommend you send out a testimonial request at the end of each of your production jobs, then you can select your best testimonials to display! This request can be fairly simple provided you get the following important information:
            • Name of manager/client/customer
            • Work undertaken
            • Their review on you
            • A signature of the testimonial’s editor
        1. Optimised content. People often get carried away when writing their website content and end up waffling. Your content needs to be straightforward and concise. You should use terminology that your visitors will respond to and give them all the key information they need as effectively as possible. For example, if your website is targeting filmmakers and other creatives, use language which they will understand and respond to.


Having these 4 core features isn’t, unfortunately, a magic recipe to make your website perfect. However, combining these features with a sleek, professionally designed and developed website is going to pay dividends when visitors start coming and enquiring with you. Working alongside a freelancer or web development agency to create the above 4 features should provide you with a good starting point for your website.


I have a website, where are my enquiries?

Your website is essentially only as good as the marketing or work that goes in to get people to visit. Think of it this way, this week I’m offering to install your new kitchen for just £1, people would be all over this deal right? But they won’t be all over this deal if they don’t know it exists. Your website is the same, just because it’s live and discoverable on the internet doesn’t mean it will be discovered unless you point people in its direction.

This is where your website ties in really nicely with the social media work you’re doing, and the marketing campaigns you’re running. If everything you’re distributing is linking back to your website one way or another then people will arrive at your website, they will explore your services and they will get in touch.


And to wrap up…

In summary, having an up-to-date website and showreel is very important. Especially if you’re looking to be discovered online by potential customers or employers in a very tech-driven world where so so many people are browsing the internet on a daily basis. Whether you’re looking to attract work, simply show off your work or share your content then a website is a great place to do it.


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