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We hope you enjoyed our previous post providing you with a generic social media strategy. If you haven’t read it we’d recommend checking it out before reading this post: click here to get to it!

Hopefully, you’ve started to increase your social media presence and activity, maybe you’re utilising a scheduling tool to distribute awesome content, or you’ve been infiltrating existing communities and offering your opinion and services. There’s no such thing as ‘bad’ social media marketing, providing that you’re putting you or your company’s name out there with a valid opinion or valid content, then your name is still being distributed which is, of course, a good thing – especially if you’re doing this at no or very little cost.


Networking in the film industry

Every connection is a good connection! Despite popular belief, your network shouldn’t just consist of the people you’re tailoring your services towards. Every colleague, co-worker, team member, barista from your local coffee shop and more is a great addition to your network. There’s a number of reasons for this which I’ve detailed below:

  1. The more people who are part of your network, the more valuable content will be shared with you, the more insights you can gain, the more interesting offers you might come across.
  2. While a lot of your network might be people in a similar position or role to yourself, you never know when a new position, opening or opportunity might come up which they’re looking to fill through their network.
  3. The more people you share your content with, the larger the secondary networks your content can reach if your primary network is to interact through likes, comments or shares with your posts.
  4. With a big network comes a certain level of credibility. You’ve suddenly got a number of people in a number of fields just a click or a message away. You can make introductions, recommend people, become someone who people come to when they need a service.


Maintaining an active audience

There are two sides to growing your network, the first is adding to your connections, the second is ensuring you keep your network active and engaged. The latter is seen as much trickier than the former, you’re about to find out why!

Because you’ve been growing your network left, right and centre you’ve now got a very broad network of people who differ massively as individuals. You’ll likely be connected with freelancers, small business owners, people who work at huge businesses, people who work at smaller businesses. You’ll be connected with them all.

Now, the key is establishing what it is that you can do so that you personally are adding value to all of your networks, simply by being connected with them. This calls for another general strategy or outline to what options you have available here.


      • Option 1 – Distribute original content

Distribute awesome content that you’ve created. Great content doesn’t just have to be a blog post, it could be a video or an image, or simply your thoughts. Irrelevant of which of the above (or others) you go for the content needs to be of the highest quality from start to finish. It needs to catch someone’s eye before they scroll past it on their feed. Then entice them in and keep them hooked until they’ve read or seen everything to see. The best way to keep someone hooked is to both interest them and to add value to them, regardless of who they are.


      • Option 2 – Distribute 3rd party content

Find and distribute great 3rd party content. By 3rd party content, I simply mean someone else’s blog or social media post. Similarly to sharing your own content, any content you’re sharing comes with your stamp of approval, so the quality must be extremely high. Read and follow blogs (if you see a blog you like, then share it on with your thoughts) such as: No Film School, Shutterstock, Rocketstock by Shutterstock, Cinema5D, Provideo Coalition and many more…


      • Option 3 – Be active on Social Media groups

Head to the groups (on Facebook, for example) you’ve discovered previously and offer your opinion or thoughts on a variety of subjects. These subjects could range from current affairs – not necessarily work related – to specific work-related questions, struggles or opinions. The more relevant and useful opinions you can provide, the more credible your name will be seen as, consequently meaning that people would look out for your input. But don’t get stuck in that dip of just posting to post, the idea is to meaningfully help your peers by offering quality responses. Perhaps you could even use this opportunity to contact credible recurring names that you interact with, offering to go on a coffee on a free day. Asking for advice on the pains that you face or on your encounter’s experience making it in the industry is a lot more meaningful than talking about yourself and about how good you are at what you do.


      • Option 4 – Introductions

We briefly touched on the power of having a growing network earlier in this article. How does the saying go, “with great power comes great responsibility”? A large network gives you huge potential. Making introductions can make a huge difference to the parties involved. Though, be careful not to refer anyone that’s going to screw your credibility.


      • Option 5 – Newsletters

A weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter can keep people up to date with any projects you’re working on, new content you’ve created and more. You can create, design and distribute email templates using software such as MailChimp or also SendPulse.


      • Option 6 – Social events

Networking events are an effective way of maintaining and growing your web of people you know (on a side note, if you’re shy, here are 8 Networking Tips For Introverts From A Superconnector). You can find an assortment of events to attend through social media and/or websites like Meetup.com, Eventbrite.

Once you’re at an event, throw yourself in as many conversations as possible, keeping in mind that every connection is valuable. Hand out business cards (you can make really good ones on Moo), connect on LinkedIn, exchange phone numbers…


      • Option 7 – Keep in touch

Dropping your contacts a quick message every now and again to see how they are, what they’re working on is a healthy way of cultivating your network. I keep a spreadsheet of all my contacts (full name, role, businesses, when/where/how we met, additional notes…) as well as keeping their business cards aside in a cardholder.


A quick summary

The above tips and 7 great ways to help grow your network and connect with like-minded people but there really are so many different ways you can get out and network smartly and efficiently. My favourites are being active on my social media channels (you never know who might see and appreciate your posts or comments) and attending social events, especially the latter as you get to have fun and network simultaneously.


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