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With the constant desire for improvement and innovation, it seems like we’re are always seeking to be in a better place. This isn’t an evidence-based conclusion, but we’ve lived long enough to hear people say it. It isn’t either completely wrong or right either, and everything’s relative to what’s good to each individual. But sometimes, this feeling can leave you with the sensation that you’re always trapped away from this better place.
We have a preference for a different narrative. The Kit Konnect project was born from a strong intention to support, initiate discussions and debates with people taking part in the motion picture and stills creation movements. Based on these intentions, we’re creating resources which we’re sharing through this blog.
We’ll make sure to stay close to you: you’re encouraged to contact us individually or through the Contact Us page if you have ideas, thoughts on things that you’d like to share and/or see taking place.

Without further ado…

Meet the team of contributors

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